Welcome to this shit

by Cousin Brian

I decided to make this dumb website because now everyone in the music world is telling you that you can never have too many dumb websites that do the same thing if you ever want to connect to your fans and all that stupid shit.


Maybe one day you’ll be able to come on here and learn about shows and releases and cute little stories about us on the road. For now I have a headache though and I don’t feel like figuring out how to work this thing, so I’m gonna see if someone else in the band feels up to it. I think you have to pay or something if you wanna customize the page, and right now its boring as fuck, sorry.


1:44pm on friday jan 27th 2012

(i put the time and stuff but its probably gonna show that anyway so don’t make fun.)

((it’s funny because my dad always calls and leaves messages on my iphone and says its dad and the time and stuff even though the iphone tells you that before you even hear the message. i always laugh about that but i think i just did the same thing so thats cool bye))